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General Information

   Seasub Diving Team
   Setubal Harbour 2005

Seasub is a commercial diving company dedicated to the supply of quality underwater services, consulting and supply of specialized diving equipments to the diving industry. We are located aprox. 30 Km from Lisbon and we have easy access to the main harbours in Portugal by road as well as for Lisbon Airport.

   LNG Ship
   Sines Harbour 2006

Our main area of activities is the Maintenace, Repair and Inspection of Ships and Underwater Afloat Structures. We are certified by the major classification societysand we have build up a 20 year experience on this particular area.

   Seasub Diver Welding
   Sines Harbour 2005

From Welding to Underwater Painting, on Hull Cleaning to Propeller Polishing and In Water Surveys, Seasub as been eficient on several areas since it started. The quality of services as been recognized by the major classification societys and in particular by the clients; our main area of activity is the shipping industry and several certicates have been issued by independent companys.

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